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Pencil-Size UV Quartz Lamps Deliver High Output

Two new ultraviolet pencil lamps, the 11SC-1 and 11SC-2, weigh only a few ounces yet maintain a high output of UV radiation over thousands of hours. These low-pressure, mercury-vapor discharge lamps are made of double-bore quartz material with both electrodes at one end. Only 6 mm in diameter, the lamps are said to provide outstanding UV transmission, along with stable output and cool operation. They are ideal as spectral calibration sources in spectroscopy, chromatography and photometry, as well as many other laboratory and industrial applications. The 11SC-1 lamp has a 5.3 cm lighted length and delivers an average 254-nm intensity of 4,500 (W/cm2 at 2.5 cm. The lamp is 12.7 cm long. The 11SC-2 lamp has a lighted length of 1.9 cm and produces an average 254-nm intensity of 2,000 (W/cm2. It measures only 8.9 cm long. SPECTRONICS CORP., Westbury, NY. (800) 274-8888.


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