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Power: Controller Drives Hundreds Of White LEDs, Provides PFC

For backlighting, the IPS401 LED controller will drive hundreds of white LED diodes, typically 120 to 1000 from ac sources and 10 to several hundreds from dc sources. It operates from 12 to 265 V dc as a boost-converter that controls output current rather than voltage. Constant current ensures controlled brightness and consistent spectral output from the LEDs. Brightness intensity may be adjusted by analog voltage or by pulse-width modulation (PWM) control. The IPS401 achieves better than 95% efficiency and addresses a very large number of LED string lighting requirement. Built-in PFC circuitry delivers low harmonic distortion and a PF of 0.99 or better. The IPS401 LED controller comes in eight-lead DIP or SOIC packages. Unit pricing is $1.15 in 1000-unit quantities and $0.65 each in 10,000-unit quantities. A demo kit costs $100.

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