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Power Inductors Serve Conversion Needs Of Notebook PCs

The combination of dc resistance of as little as 0.008 ohms and high saturated current handling make the SPI Series of surface-mount power inductors suited for space- and weight-constrained applications, such as dc-to-dc conversion in notebook PCs and other portables. The coils come in three size ranges of 0804, 0810 and 1306. The largest group is specifically designed for the high current requirements of Pentium Pro-class CPUs.Inductance values in the SPI-0804 Series range from 1 to 1000 µH with corresponding dc resistance values of 0.008 ohms to 2.15 ohms and saturated current handling from 9000 mA to 300 mA. RMS current capability ranges from 6800 mA to 300 mA. For the SPI-0810 Series, inductances range from 10 to 1000 µH with dc resistances from 0.033 ohms to 2 ohms. For the 1306 size, values are from 1 to 1000 µH with dc resistances from 0.011 ohms to 1.8 ohms. All cores are ferrite and all terminals are flat, tinned copper wire.

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