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Power LED A-Glow-Glow: Luminous Intensity Reaches 1250 mcd

Available in brilliant red, super red, soft orange, and yellow, the TLMx33xx series surface-mount, power LEDs feature luminous intensity up to 1250 mcd at a 50-mA drive current. Built on high-efficiency aluminum-indium-gallium-phosphide (AlInGaP) technology, they're designed to meet the performance demands of automotive and outdoor applications. They can handle forward currents up to 50 mA in a standard PLCC-2 package outline measuring 3 mm by 2.8 mm. The red (617 nm), soft orange (605 nm), and yellow (588 nm) LEDs come in several luminous intensity ranges: greater than 200 mcd, 250 to 640 mcd, 320 to 800 mcd, and 400 to 1250 mcd. Super-red (630 nm) LEDs are available in luminous intensity ranges of greater than 160 mcd, 160 to 400 mcd, and 250 to 800 mcd. All four TLMx33xx devices feature a 120° angle of half intensity They operate from −40°C to 100°C. Pricing for the surface-mount LEDs starts at $8.40 per 100 in 1000-unit quantities.

Vishay Americas Inc.
www.vishay.com; (203) 445-5501

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