Power MOSFET Family Expands With SMDs Rated To 600V

Düsseldorf, Germany: Toshiba Electronics Europe (TEE) broadened its family of power MOSFETs by introducing new surface-mount options. Supplied in a compact DPAK package, the TKxP MOSFETs, with voltage ratings up to 600V, will target lighting ballasts, battery chargers, and other power-supply applications requiring currents up to 7A.

The new power MOSFETs combine the compact DPAK form factor with TEE’s -MOS VII semiconductor process. According to the company, this results in a range of devices that offer high efficiency, fast switching characteristics, reduced gate charge (QG) and capacitance, improved on-resistance (RDS(ON)), and better cost/performance ratios when compared with previous generations of devices.

In addition, the avalanche durability of all of the MOSFETs is guaranteed. Offering a VDSS voltage rating of 500V, the TK3P50D, TK4P50D, TK5P50D, and TK7P50D feature current ratings of 3A, 4A, 5A, and 7A, respectively. The TK5P53D and TK6P53D are rated to 525V and offer respective current ratings of 5A and 6A. At the 500V level the TK3P55DA, TK4P55DA, and the TK4P55D deliver respective currents of 2.5A, 3.5A and 4A. Current ratings for the 600V TK2P60D, TK4P60DA, and TK4P60DB are 2A, 3.5A and 3.7A, respectively. Maximum RDS(ON) ratings range from 1.22 to 4.3Ω, depending on the device.

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