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Power MOSFETs Feature 4-mm<sup>2</sup> Thermally Enhanced Package

A family of power MOSFETs—the μCool (micro-cool) devices—offer high performance and design flexibility for portable applications. The devices come in On Semiconductor’s thermally enhanced WDFN6 package, with a footprint of only 4 sq.-mm. Using exposed-drain DFN technology for enhanced thermal resistance (38 deg./W) and power ratings (1.9 W), the package delivers up to a 190% improvement in steady-state power over the industry-standard SC-88 package and 130% over the SC-70-6 flat-lead package. Although the package is the same size as the SC-88 and SC-70-6, the new MOSFETs have an exposed flag on the bottom surface that acts as a drain contact and heat-dissipation path. This improved thermal path permits either greater power handling or operation at a lower junction temperature.

The first six devices in the series include:

  • The 20-V P-channel single NTLJS3113PT1G and the dual NTLJD3115PT1G. Both are optimized for lithium-ion battery charging applications with RDS(on) at 4.5 V of 42 mohms and 100 mohms respectively.
  • The 20V P-channel FETKy NTLJF3117PT1G (100 mohms) is optimized to convert the 3- to 4-V battery voltage into 1.1 V to power the microprocessor.
  • The 30-V N-channel single NTLJS4159NT1G (35 mohms) and FETKy NTLJF4156NT1G (70 mohms) are both optimized for synchronous boost applications such as white LED backlight voltage.
  • The 30-V N-Channel dual NTLJD4116NT1G (70 mohms) is optimized for low side switching such as camera strobe and flash.

Sample and production quantities are available now, with leads times of six to eight weeks for larger orders.
In 10,000-piece quantities, prices are: NTLJS3113PT1G, $0.30; NTLJD3115PT1G, $.31; NTLJF3117PT1G, $.31; NTLJS4159NT1G, $.29; NTLJF4156NT1G, $.30; NTLJD4116NT1G, $.30.
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