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Power Supply Offers 20-A Output At 12 V DC

The Quint SFB family of industrial-grade power supplies from Phoenix Contact now features a model with 20-A output at 12 V dc that’s designed for a variety of applications, including solar, wind turbine, telecommunications, and process control. The supply uses selective fuse breaking (SFB) technology, which allows supplemental branch circuit protection on the dc bus to operate as designed in a control system.

Upon sensing a fault condition, the SFB technology delivers a short peak of current (up to six times nominal current) to the faulted load. This ensures the standard branch protection interrupts the circuit as designed, meaning the power supply continues to deliver power to the other loads for overall system availability. Also, the SFB technology’s static power reserves reliably start heavy loads with high inrush currents.

The new Quint SFB model also incorporates additional diagnostic feedback elements. It offers early warning diagnostics through a local PowerBoost yellow LED and a PowerBoost dry contact. This additional signaling provides an early warning before the power supply enters the U/I characteristic curve.

Phoenix Contact


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