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Quartz Halogen Lamps Embrace Variety Of Configurations

Offered as an alternative to more expensive UV lamps, these quartz halogen, non-UV blocking lamps and compatible holders come in a wide variety of standard and custom configurations. Featuring no UV or near-IR blockers, the new lamps deliver output power ranging from 10W to 400W and operate from 300 nm to 4.8 µm. Also available are standalone and high-reflectivity gold types. The holders are constructed from a ceramic material that are rated for use up to 230_C. In addition, virtually any size holder can be provided, including G4, GY6.35 and GX5.3 bases. Prices start from $4.45 each, depending on power and voltage ratings. GILWAY TECHNICAL LAMP, Woburn, MA. (781) 935-4442.


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