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Relay Module Enhances Transformer/Capacitor Protection

Designed to enhance transformer and capacitor bank protection schemes, the Protective Relay Indicator Module (PRIM) is a complete system with the ability to simultaneously monitor up to four discrete inputs from protective relays, then trip multiple power switching devices and provide a latched local indication of which protective relay sent the fault signal. The PRIM consists of a control switch, lock-out-relay, test switch, four LEDs, and a local RESET switch. Options include a latching switch relay in place of the control switch and a smart nameplate on the LOR that monitors coil integrity, provides a highly visible status of trip, and has the ability to notify SCADA. Logic circuitry protects against false trigger signals due to accidental shorting or opening of an input contact. The four LEDs correspond to the four input circuits and provide latched visual indication.


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