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Replacement LEDs Meet Lead-Free Soldering Requirements

The Vishay VLM series is a line of high-intensity SMD LEDs which are capable of undergoing lead (Pb)-free reflow soldering, and can serve as direct replacements for devices in VishayĂ­s TLM series.

Compatible with lead-free reflow soldering processes according to JEDECSTD020b and featuring the same specifications at TLM devices, these exceptionally bright VLM LEDs allow TLM LEDs in the MiniLED (up to 50 mcd), PLCC-2 (up to 240 mcd), and PLCC-4 (up to 1250 mcd) to be replaced simply and quickly to meet lead (Pb)-free soldering requirements.

Vishay VLM series LEDs are luminous-intensity categorized according to the same luminous intensity classification and designation as those of competitors’ LEDs for automotive applications. In addition to being RoHS-compliant, these devices are compatible with IR reflow, vapor phase, and wave solder processes according to CECC 00802 and JEDEC STD-020b.

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