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Right-Angled SMT LEDs Are Small And Bright

Measuring 2.4 mm x 3.3 mm, the Series SML070 right-angled, surface-mount LEDs deliver luminous intensities ranging from 1.2 mcd to 2.3 mcd at 20 mA depending on the color. They come in uni- and bi-color versions. Single-color LEDs include yellow (590 nm), high-efficiency green (570 nm) and high-efficiency red (620 nm), all of which have clear lenses. Bi-color components come in a combination of high-efficiency green and red with a milky-white lens. All members of the series exhibit an average life span in excess of 100,000 hours or approximately 11 years. Single-unit prices for uni- and bi-color LEDs are $0.95 and $1.42 each, respectively. LEDTRONICS INC., Torrance, CA. (800) 579-4875.


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