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RJ-45 Connector Houses 10/100 Base-T Magnetics

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The BelMag family of modular integrated connectors incorporates 10/100 Base-T magnetic components inside the shielded body of an RJ-45 connector. By incorporating the magnetics and other passive components inside the shielded RJ-45 connector and positioning the LEDs a maximum distance from the contacts, EMI and near-field-noise coupling is dramatically reduced. In addition, the connector's in-line pin arrangements reduce crosstalk and optimize trace routing.The BelMag connectors comply with IEEE 802.3u standards and interface with a wide variety of transceiver ICs. They are available with or without system-status LEDs and come in three configurations: only LAN magnets (isolation transformers and common-mode chokes); magnetics and a 2-kv capacitor; magnetics, capacitor and termination resistors.

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