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Rope LEDs Take On New Slant

The Series RPLD02 RopeLEDs sport a rectangular profile that allows them to fit snugly on right-angle surfaces. Coming on what appears to be a rope, the components provide 21 LEDs per foot, or 72 per meter, with the LEDs spaced 13.9 mm apart. Marked intervals show users where the ropes may be cut to create custom lengths or to splice in different colors. The rope LEDs are available in a standard voltage of 120V with 12 Vdc and 240 Vac available as options. A power cord is sold separately. Colors include red, blue, green, yellow, and white and average life span is up to 11 years. Depending on color, prices range from $82 to $189 per meter. LEDTRONICS INC., Torrance, CA. (800) 579-4875.


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