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Second-Generation Wireless USB Hub Doubles Previous Performance

It's getting easier every day to build wireless USB ports thanks to Ultra-Wideband (UWB) products like Wisair's hub. This second-generation device offers full Certified Wireless USB operation for consumer, PC, and mobile applications. This four-port hub also works with Wisair's Host Wire Adapter (HWA) dongle. The reference design should be particularly attractive to OEM and ODM developers seeking to offer WiMedia-based Certified Wireless USB products.

The reference design provides for dual antennas for enhanced coverage. The unit can broadcast high-definition video for up to 100 ft, which is a real feat for UWB. The hub design also has automatic rate adaptation for improved link robustness and coverage. Furthermore, the hub's automatic radio channel selection ensures channel selection that's free from interference from additional UWB devices. The maximum data rate is 480 Mbits/s.

The hub design complies with the WiMedia standard. It uses Wisair's most recent 531 and 502 chip set. It also supports up to four external USB 2.0/1.1 ports simultaneously. LEDs are provided for USB and wireless activity indication, status, and signal strength.

For details about pricing and availability, contact Wisair.


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