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Shortwave Infrared Camera Offers High Sensitivity In Low Light Levels

The SU640KTSX-1.7RT shortwave infrared (SWIR) camera offers the highest sensitivity available in the 0.9 µm to 1.7 µm spectrum with a 640- by 512-pixel format on a 25-µm pitch, according to Sensors Unlimited Inc. The camera delivers clear, real-time video imaging in lighting conditions ranging from starlight to direct sunlight.

The unit comes in an OEM module less than 4 in.³ in size and weighing less than 90 g, making it suitable for integration into larger systems, such as unmanned ground or aerial vehicles and handheld or robotic systems. Applications include covert surveillance with passive 24/7 operation, imaging of laser rangefinders and target designators, imaging spectroscopy, astronomy, and any other task requiring low-light-level SWIR imaging. The camera is all solid-state (indium gallium arsenide) and features room temperature operation with automatic gain control, image enhancement, and built-in non-uniformity corrections. For more information, visit www.oss.goodrich.com/sui.

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