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Small Switching Supplies Approved For Medical Apps

The ASM Global Performance series of ultra-miniature open-frame switching power supplies features 10 versions with single outputs of 3.3 to 24 V dc and a power range of 10 to 15 W (see the figure). All of the models accept inputs of 90 to 264 V ac. The supplies, which incorporate corner mounting holes, are connector pinout and mounting-size compatible with more expensive industry-standard products.

The ASM series' single-sided construction ensures high reliability. The supplies include an integral power-good LED indicator and an output-adjustment potentiometer. Each supply contains short-circuit protection circuitry as well as internal input filtering. Also, the ASM series is approved to EN60601-1/UL2601 medical safety specifications. All of its models operate at an ambient temperature of 0°C to 50°C without forced cooling or output power derating. The power supplies are available in commercially approved versions known as the ASL series as well.

The ASM Global Performance power supplies come in sizes as small as 2.28 by 2 by 0.56 in. (10 W). All of the devices incorporate min-size Molex style I/O connections. Prices start at $29 in OEM quantities. Delivery is stock to six weeks.

Astrodyne Corp.

Power Supplies
Featuring 60-W single outputs, the five models in MicroPower Direct's HF60W-SL family of compact ac-dc power supplies deliver 5, 12, 15, 24, and 48 V dc from a universal ac input of 85 to 264 V dc. EN60950-approved and CE-certified, they have a line/load regulation of less than 0.5%, 3000-V ac I/O isolation, a 20-ms holdup time, and high efficiency. They're protected against output overload and overvoltage, and the output is adjustable by ±10%. Also, their mean time between failures (per MIL HDBK 217F) is greater than 100,000 hrs. For more, check out www.micropowerdirect.com.

The PTH04T220/221W is a lower-input-voltage (2.2- to 5.5-V) version of the PTH08T220/221W (4.5- to 14-V) 16-A non-isolated power-supply module from Texas Instruments. The modules require just one resistor to set their output voltage to between 0.69 and 3.6 V. Other features optimize the regulator's transient response while reducing the number of external capacitors needed to meet a target voltage deviation and allow for switching frequency synchronization of multiple modules. For more information, go to www.ti.com.

Designed for ATCA systems, the Artesyn ATC210 integrated bus converter module occupies 20% to 40% less space than competitive solutions, according to Emerson Network Power. It combines a high power-density isolated dc-dc converter with advanced digitally programmable power-management functions in a 2.3- by 1.8in. footprint. Also, the ATC210 is rated at 210 W, and full-load efficiency is 89%. It generates a 12-V, 17.5-A output to power an on-card intermediate bus and a 1.8-A, resistor-programmable 3.13- to 3.47-V output for supplying peripheral management circuitry. It costs $148 in 1000-piece quantities. Delivery is stock to eight weeks. Check out www.GoToEmerson.com.

Focus on Batteries





Alpha Technologies Inc.

Premium Gel 215 GOLD-HP and 190 GOLD-HP batteries

215/190-min runtimes for outdoor broadband backup applications; silver-alloy gel protects for prices against corrosion; maintenance-free threaded insert terminals

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Solicore Inc.

High-Capacity Flexion batteries

30% more capacity than standard Flexions; 14-, 25-, 40-mA-hr versions; nominal 0.38-in. for prices thickness; meet ISO 7816 flexing requirements; UL 1642 approved

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Exide Technologies

GNB Flooded Classic 2-PDQ batteries

Lead-calcium design for backup power in uninterruptible power-supply (UPS) market; for prices five 4-V models from 3090 to 4360 W/cell; copper-alloy terminal posts; flame arrestors; 20-yr design; recyclable components

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Tadiran Batteries

TLM 1550 battery

4-V, 2-W-hr lithium battery in AA-size cell; 5-A continuous, 15-A pulse ratings; self- for prices discharge less than 3%/yr at room temperature; –40°C to 85°C operating range

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Li-ion Prismatic/Cylindrical batteries

3.6 V/cell; up to 1600 mA-hr/cell; self-discharge as low as 6%/mo; fully charged in for prices 70 min; rated for more than 500 charge-discharge cycles; meet UL, CE safety standards

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