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Smart Charger Identifies Battery Type

Capable of identifying between NiCd or NiMH type batteries, Smart Charger can test each cell's condition and then switch to a high rate charge for quick charging. The charger first determines the type of battery and then performs a 3 minute test that trickle charges the battery pack and monitors the voltage per cell. If a minimum voltage of 1.1V per cell is detected, the battery is considered good. If the minimum voltage is not attained, a trickle charge continues until this minimum is attained. If the minimum is not attained and the battery pack has at least one bad cell, the LED will light up and the process will stop. If the pack is good after 3 minutes, the charger switches to the high rate charge for from 1 to 8 hours, depending on pack capacity. Using negative delta voltage for NiCds or peak voltage detection for NiMH, the charger can detect a completed charge cycle. Once charged, the charger continues a trickle charge for 2 hours to saturate the cells to capacity. A sleep mode lets the charger to shut down for 22 hours, then awaken and check the battery once again until the cycle is once more completed.

Company: CELL-CON INC.

Product URL: Click here for more information

TAGS: Components
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