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SMT LED Slices Thermal Resistance

While consuming 1W, the OVTL01LGA series LED assembly specifies a thermal resistance of just 2°C/W and delivers a luminance up to 38 lumens and a viewing angle of 120° in water clear lenses. The assemblies are available in amber (595 nm, 381m), blue (467 nm, 6.5lm), green (524 nm, 31lm), red (624 nm, 27lm), and white (27lm). Specifications include a forward current of 0.35A, peak-pulsed forward current of 1A, typical forward voltages ranging from 2V to 3.3V depending on color, reverse voltage of 5V, and a maximum allowable junction temperature of 130°C. Operating temperature range is -50°C to +80°C. Additionally, the surface-mount assemblies measure 6 mm x 5.1 mm x 1.56 mm. Prices start at $1.30 each/10,000. OPTEK TECHNOLOGY INC., Carrollton, TX. (972) 323-2200.


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