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Solid-State Relay Employs Overload Protection

The Series C63 solid-state relays come in a plastic 6-pin commercial DIP package designed to meet the compact size and overload protection requirements of design engineers. The C63 utilizes a power FET and is rated at 1A at 60 Vdc. It uses short-circuit/overload protection to prevent damage to system components, assemblies and system wiring. Optical isolation keeps control circuits from load transients and eliminates ground loops and signal ground noise. Low off-state leakage current yields high off-state impedance. Overload protection is designed to detect a short in the circuit and to trips the relay off. Conditions such as a high current surge can also be detected. Once the C63 trips off, it will remain off until the overload/short-circuit condition is removed and the relay is cycled. The C63 series includes a surface mount package called the SC63. Both the C63 and SC63 have identical mechanical specifications except for pin length. Measuring 9.91 mm x 6.35 mm x 4.45 mm including pins, the SC63 weighs 1g. Pricing is $12.50 each/1,000. For further information, contact TELEDYNE RELAYS, Hawthorne, CA. (800) 284-7007.


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