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Sphere Based Optical Power Meter Provides 16 Functions

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Designed for telecommunications testing, the LP-0101-2 sphere-based, hand-held optical power meter provides 16 modes of operation for CW and pulsed work. Readout is in watts, dBm, dB, or in relative units.Coupled with the P-9710 optometer, the instrument measures the output power of bare and connected fibers, laser diodes, and LEDs from +20 to -60 dBm. Its 30 mm diameter integrating sphere is calibrated from 850 nm to 1,700 nm in 10-nm increments. Other features include an RS-232 interface, Windows-based software, wavelength selection, and datalogging. Price for the P-9710/Lp-0101-4 system is $2,379. GIGAHERTZ-OPTIK INC., Puchheim, Germany. (0) 89 890159 0.

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