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Substrate Thwarts Heat In LED Designs

Providing a reliable means of dissipating heat in LED applications, OptoTherm OCB201 Series heat spreader substrates feature high thermal conductivity and a 0.004" thick dielectric that improves isolation between the copper circuit and aluminum cladding. The substrates also exhibit a high isolation voltage with a dielectric breakdown of 4 kVdc. Other features include copper and aluminum thicknesses of 0.0042" and 0.062", respectively, a thermal conductivity of 1.1 W/m-°K, and a thermal resistance is 1.8°C/W. Maximum substrate panel size for OptoTherm OCB201 Series is 18" x 16.5" with available thicknesses of 0.038", 0.070", and 0.133". OPTEK TECHNOLOGY INC., Carrollton, TX. (972) 323-2200.


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