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Sunlight-Readable LCD Delivers Surface Luminosity Of 1800 Nits

The Phoenix sunlight-readable LCD system boasts a surface luminosity of 1800 nits and a screen diagonal of 12.1 in. Measuring just 1.25 in. thick, the Phoenix's innovative backlighting and optical filter system produce a brilliant, high-resolution image that is visible in bright sunlight. According to the company, this LCD offers a level of brightness that is over six times that of typical "high brightness" LCDs and 10 times that of a conventional CRT monitor. While dimming control circuitry allows the Phoenix to be used in a wide range of lighting conditions, its rugged and lightweight construction suits it for outdoor applications. Target markets include ATMs, mobile computing, marine applications, aviation, test and measurement instrumentation, point-of-information kiosks, and gas pumps. The Phoenix costs $1473 in 100-piece quantities and $1399 in 250-piece quantities. The product is available from stock to 10 weeks.

Densitron Corp.; (562) 941-5000

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