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Surface-Mount LEDs Offer Numerous Packaging Options

A variety of industry-standard packages, styles and colors, including AlInGaP dies, is available in the BL-H Series of surface-mount chip LEDs. Designers can specify any die (wavelength) for use with any available package. The series is suited for portable applications such as cellular phones, pagers, handheld PCs, and portable industrial/medical test equipment. The AlInGaP LED can replace incandescent bulbs in applications where compact design, long life and high reliability are critical.BL-H Series devices are offered in 1206 (flat lens/inner lens), 0805 (flat lens), 0603 (flat lens) and 1210 (flat lens bi-color) sizes. Certain models are available with diffused or clear lenses. LEDs come in a wide array of emitted colors ranging from red, orange, yellow, green, blue and white (under development) to infrareds. The series also includes models designed for side-view (right-angle) mounting, bi-color SMT, tri-color SMT and reverse-mount chips.


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