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System Helps Track LED Absolute Spectral Integrity

This fully integrated measurement system configures the company's miniature fiber optic spectrometers into spectroradiometers for precisely measuring the absolute spectral intensity and color parameters of LEDs. In addition to a miniature fiber optic spectrometer and operating software, the system includes three other components: an integrating sphere built to collect light from LEDs; a NIST-traceable LED power supply; and a NIST-traceable light source for calibrating the spectral response of a radiometric system. Accepting LEDs from 0.375" in diameter or smaller with 0.1" lead spacing, the system can measure absolute spectral intensity from 300 to 1,050 nm and data can be calculated in watts, joules, lumens or candela. It also calculates color space values, dominant wavelength, wavelength purity, peak wavelength, centroid and FWHM. A complete system can be configured for less than $5,000.


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