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T1 LED Assemblies Prevent Bleeding

Designed to prevent light bleeding, the H455C Series consists of completely recessed T1 (3 mm) LEDs that provide an integrated light shield and clearly visible light indication for on/off status. At 0.650" high, less than 1U at 0.750", the assemblies are 0.190" shorter than previously available designs and 2/10" smaller than industry standards. Unit width is 0.170" and rating is UL94V-0. The series provides 3 mm indication in one standard rack space to allow use in every rack without requiring a 2 mm sub-miniature LED. Maximum space saving efficiency is enhanced by a proprietary lead retention design for precise elevation and insertion accuracy. The H455C Series assemblies come in ultra blue, ultra white and bi-color as well as all industry-standard colors ranging in peak wavelengths from 430 to 700 nm. Low current and 5V styles are well-suited for emerging portable and low power products. Price is $0.69 each in production quantities for a quad-level unit in standard colors.

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