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Technology Forecast 2012: Components

Technology Forecast 2012: Components

With the LED/Solid State Lighting market is in the early stages of explosive growth, contributing editor Roger Allan explores major market trends for 2012 for LEDs and their major applications.


System-Level Applications Make MEMS Ubiquitous

A “system-level” approach is galvanizing the technology of MEMS devices into a boundless number of applications that are poised to emerge...

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Is 3D IC Packaging Ready For Prime Time?

As materials, architectures, thermal management, software, standards, and process improvements move forward, the industry edges closer to true 3D ICs...

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MEMS-Based Systems Solutions Emerge For Analytical Instruments

MEMS devices are ideal for handheld and portable/field-usable instruments since they are small and robust, requiring little power for a low cost while offering surprisingly high performance...

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Distributors Hope For Business As Usual In 2012

Japan’s earthquake and tsunami had some distributors characterizing 2011 as a strange year and predicting a return to more normal seasonality in 2012...

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Smart Phones And Tablets Still Drive Growth

As 2011 came to a close, industry watchers were predicting strong growth in the mobile communications device market, continuing a trend they expect to last through 2015...

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Circuit Protection Device Manufacturer Sees Opportunities in Emerging Trends

Extremely slim sizes, increased sensitivity, and faster connector speeds will make circuit-protection solutions challenging, but offer exciting new opportunities in 2012...

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