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Thermally Conductive PCB Substrate Fortifies LED Modules

Thermally Conductive PCB Substrate Fortifies LED Modules

A thermally-conductive PCB substrate, Tlam SS LLD enables effective heat dissipation in bright and ultra-bright LED module applications. The thermally conductive PCB substrate allegedly provides eight to ten times the heat dissipation as conventional FR4-based PCBs. It employs a copper circuit layer and aluminum or copper base plate, bonded together with an LLD dielectric. The dielectric can fit, and is processed through, standard FR4 print-and-etch operations without various parameter modifications. The Tlam SS LLD boards are processed through standard pick-and-place surface mount technology (SMT) and manual wire bond operations. For more details, call LAIRD TECHNOLOGIES, St. Louis, MO. (888) 246-9050, option 2.


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