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Thermoelectric Cooler Handles Standard Circuit/Power Requirements

Optimized for standard circuitry and power requirements, the OptoCooler HV14 RoHS-compliant, high-voltage and high-heat pumping thermoelectric cooler module specifically targets the optoelectronics and telecomm industries. It operates at a maximum voltage of 2.9V and can pump 1.7W of heat at 85°C in a footprint measuring 2.8 mm x 2.8 mm. The module can create a temperature differential up to 51°C between its hot and cold sides, making it suitable for use with laser diodes and high brightness LEDs. At the core of the module is the company’s Thermal Copper Pillar Bump, an electronic device made from thin-film thermoelectric material embedded in flip-chip interconnects, in particular, copper pillar solder bumps. The thermal bumps act as solid-state heat pumps and add thermal-management functionality locally on the surface of a chip or other component. For more details and price, call NEXTREME THERMAL SOLUTIONS INC., Durham, NC. (919) 597-7300.


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