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Thin IP67 LED Power Supplies Fit Into Indoor And Outdoor Apps

0705EDEproductnewsExcelsys-ACork, Ireland: The LDB 150 and LDB 200 Xled LED power supplies from Excelsys provide 150 and 200 W, respectively, of constant current/constant voltage power for the indoor and outdoor LED lighting market (see the figure). They measure just 198 by 63 by 35 mm.

Both series feature two models offering 24-V or 48-V nominal output voltages. The units offer constant voltage operation up to their full load capability and then constant current operation down to 50% of their nominal output voltage. An extended universal ac input range of 90 to 305 V ac with active power factor correction plus high-efficiency operation up to 92.5% suit these units for “green” lighting applications.

Custom output voltage and output current set-points are available for OEM applications. Both are waterproof to IP67 and come in an aluminium case.


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