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Thin Surface-Mount LED Brings Backlighting To Small Spaces

Measuring just 0.4 mm thick, the PY1114CK super-thin type, surface-mount LED is designed as a light source for applications requiring minimal space. Targeted applications include backlighting keypads and other types of switches. Constructed of gallium-phosphide die material, the LED is available in yellow-green with a milky white lens. Luminous intensity typically measures 5.6 mcd with an IF of 10 mA. Forward voltage is typically 2.1 V, also with an IF of 10 mA. With a reverse voltage of 4 V, the reverse current measures 100 µA maximum. The surface-mount LED, which comes in tape-and-reel packaging, operates from -40°C to 85°C. In small-quantity orders, the PY1114CK LED is priced at $0.027 each.

Stanley Electric Sales of America Inc.
www.stanley-electric.com; (800) LED-LCD1

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