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Three-Channel LED Driver Powers Backlighting Of LCD Televisions

Designed to provide high LED-current accuracy through closed-loop control of the output current, the HV9985 is a three-channel LED driver IC suited for driving multiple strings of backlight or edgelight LEDs in LCD televisions. The HV9985 contains three peak-current-mode controllers that provide feedback to the IC and ensure higher efficiency and higher accuracy. Gate drivers within the chip are optimized for driving logic level FETs at 0.25 A sourcing or 0.5 A sinking. Each output current can be individually dimmed via linear or PWM dimming methods. The HV9985’s closed-loop system dynamically adjusts its output voltage for excellent line and load regulation of the LED current. Integrating three channels in a single package ensures better current matching between strings as well as reducing the total component count of the system. The HV9985 is available in 40-lead QFN and 44-lead QSOP packages (HV9985K6-G and HV9985QP-G, respectively). Samples of the HV9985K6-G are available from stock. Samples of the HV9985QP-G will be available in three weeks. Lead time for production quantities is four to six weeks for the HV9985K6-G and six to eight weeks for the HV9985QP-G Pricing is $1.98 each for the HV9985K6-G and $2.30 for the HV9985QP-G, both in lots of 1000. SUPERTEX INC., Sunnyvale, CA. (800) 222-9883.


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