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Tiny Charge Management ICs Integrate FET And Current Sense Circuitry

Reported to be the smallest charge management devices on the market, the bqTINY series measure just 3 x 3 mm in a 10-lead micro-leadframe package (MLP) and integrates on-chip a 1A power FET, current sensor, and reverse blocking Schottky diode. Depending on the device, the bq24010/11/12/13/14 provide charge voltages of either 4.2V or 4.1V, power-good indication, battery temperature sensing, a charge enable input, and a timer enable output. Other features include voltage and current regulation, safety timers for pre-charge and fast-charge phases, charge status outputs for LEDs or a microcontroller, and charge termination. The devices employ a three-phase charging algorithm that promises to reduce charge times, maximize the total charge, and protect Li-ion and Li-pol batteries from thermal and electrical threats. The chips require just two external capacitors and one resistor for a complete charging circuit. An automatic sleep mode is also included. The devices are priced at $1.88 each/1,000. TEXAS INSTRUMENTS INC., Santa Clarita, CA. (800) 477-8924, ext 4500.


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