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Tri-Color SMT LEDs Sport 0.7-mm Profile

Available in a 0.7-mm-high, surface-mount package, the tri-color FRGB1312CE (red-green-blue) and FAGB1312CE (amber-green-blue) LEDs provide a luminous intensity up to 220 mcd with a typical forward current of 20 mA depending on color. Each component contains three individual LED dies in a triangular layout, and comes with a diffused lens that provides up to a 150° viewing angle, depending on color selection. Other features include an operating temperature range from -40°C to +85°C, power dissipation from 81 mW to 98 mW, forward currents from 25 mA to 30 mA, peak forward currents of 100 mA, and reverse voltages of 4V. The FRGB and FAGB LEDs are priced from $1.26 and $1.30 each/100, respectively. STANLEY ELECTRIC SALES OF AMERICA, Irvine, CA. (800) 533-5231.


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