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Tricolor LEDs Illuminate Mobile Phones And PDAs

The HSMF-C113 and HSMF-C115 side-firing, tricolor chip-type LEDs allow handset and PDA designers to mix separate red, green, and blue light sources in any combination. The devices are primarily designed for backlighting and for use as status indicators. Their packages are mounted vertically with light emissions feeding through a lens on the side rather than the top. This reportedly simplifies the coupling of light to a light pipe. Both LEDs feature a 4-terminal common anode connection and are housed in 2.5 mm x 1 mm x 1.0 mm lead-free packages that accommodate automated manufacturing equipment. The HSMF-C113 combines InGaN blue (470 nm dominant wavelength, 60 mcd typical brightness), AlInGaP green (572 nm, 50 mcd), and AlInGaP red (626 nm, 80 mcd) on a single die. Brightness is measured at a 20 mA operating current. The HSMF-C115 uses brighter InGaN green with a 525 nm dominant wavelength and typical brightness of 170 mcd. Other shared features include diffused optics and compatibility with infrared reflow soldering processes. Prices for the HSMF-C113 and HSMF-C115 are $0.58 and $1 each/1,000, respectively. AGILENT TECHNOLOGIES INC., Palo Alto, CA. (800) 235-0312.


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