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Ultra-Bright Blue And Green LEDs Debut

Manufactured using a combination of highly efficient InGaN materials with a proprietary substrate, the UB Series of LEDs delivers brightness levels some 2X greater than that available from the company's existing high-brightness devices. Serving to close the brightness gap between SiC and existing sapphire-based devices and presently available in blue and pure green colors, the new LEDs are particularly useful in applications such as outdoor full-motion video signs, automotive lighting, solid-state illumination products, and for making white LEDs.
The new ultlra-bright LEDs have a forward voltage spec of 4.2V (max.) and a Class II ESD rating and require only a single wire bond connection. The blue device, C470-UB290-E1000, has a typical brightness of 5.0 mW and a dominant wavelength of 470 nm, while the pure green LED, C525-UB290-E1000, has a 3.0 mW typical brightness and 525 nm dominant wavelength.
Currently, evaluation and qualification samples are available, with volume production expected to begin in January 2001.

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