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Ultra-Miniature Proximity Sensors Feature LED Light Bar

The Q5.5 proximity sensor is an ultra-miniature device that features an LED light bar that's visible from three sides to provide mounting versatility. The LED indicates "output energized." The rectangular sensor will fit near or inside machinery that's too small to incorporate standard-sized sensors and is said to provide superior range characteristics. It's suited for origin and end limit detection, robot chuck position, cam detection, linear guide motion, and other applications.Created with an injection molding process that offers superior sealing, the sensor's waterproof housing measures 5.5 mm high by 3 mm wide by 28 mm deep. The units deliver a 2-mm sensing range and can be fully embedded in steel. The three-wire, 10 to 30 vdc sensor offers repeatability of less than or equal to 2% of rated operating distance and is offered with normally open NPN (sinking) or PNP (sourcing) complementary outputs. Various protection circuitry is standard.

Company: TURCK INC.

Product URL: Click here for more information

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