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White Backlight Assemblies Deliver High Brightness Levels

A white LED backlight assembly for 7-in. TFT LCDs uses the company’s patented MicroLens molded light guide technology to deliver high brightness with fewer LEDs, reducing parts count and cost. The custom-designed assemblies, which are RoHS-compliant, offer brightness of 3500 to 8000 cd/sq.-mm, depending on the number of LEDs desired. MicroLens is a pixel-based light-extraction technology. The process employs micro-optical elements that are molded directly into a light guide. They are optimized to deliver more collimated light, which increases the efficiency of the optical system. The assemblies are available with traditional (phosphor) white LEDS. An RGB version is under final development.

Contact the company for availability.
Prices of the assemblies depend on the brightness required and the quantity. A 7-in. TFT LCD backlight using phosphor LEDs in high-volume quantities costs $7 to $10.
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