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Whole-House Audio, Lighting System Demonstrated

Checkolite International and Arkados are teaming up at the Consumer Electronics Show to demonstrate a new lighting and sound system in the form of innovative products that combine to create a system for both whole-house digital music and lighting control. The products, which will be marketed under the iHome brand, require no special wiring or complicated and expensive installation, according to the companies.

The Checkolite products employ Arkados’ chip-and-software solutions, which use HomePlug technology to deliver music and lighting control for multiple rooms throughout the house, with remote control functions from a touchpad controller. The system allows users to select from a variety music sources such as an iPod, am/fm, satellite, or internet radio, CD player, etc.

Checkolite plans to include a floor lamp, a flush mount fixture, a recessed can, a track lighting system, outdoor flood lights, and wall sconces—all with incorporated high-fidelity speakers. Each will be able work independently or become a component of a complete system that will include a plug-in transmitter that docks an iPod. The electrical wiring in the home will transmit the digital audio signals between components, allowing easy retrofitting in existing homes. The end user will be able to plug these devices into any one of the existing home’s electrical outlets, or hard wire them for wall and ceiling mounted products.

Included Mac/PC software will allow homeowners to control the lighting and sound produced by each device, as well as to arrange themes for each room that can be triggered by the in-wall touchpad or organized to follow a schedule. The software controls multiple audio signals throughout the house from a number of existing music sources that may be available on a computer (such as iTunes, Rhapsody, etc.) and other internet radio and music sources.

Checkolite International


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