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Wi-Fi Modules Handle Monitor Tasks In Embedded Applications

The SocketWirelessWiFi models MT800SWM (5 V) and MT800SWM-L (3 V) embedded modules from MultiTech Systems Inc. are ready-to-integrate and space-saving devices that are IEEE 802.11b compliant. The 1- by 2.5-in devices incorporate a complete TCP/IP protocol stack, and include a selectable-speed serial interface. Both are RoHS compliant. The modules target designs that accommodate multiple communications requirements. They handle data communications for OEMs needing to remotely monitor equipment with Wi-Fi networks.

As part of the Universal Socket Connectivity initiative, they give designers one more communications technology option within the same footprint. Connectivity needs can now smoothly migrate through technologies such as wired modem, Ethernet, LAN, ISDN, cellular wireless, Bluetooth, and 802.11b, implementing the technology more easily. The units support ad-hoc and infrastructure mode, include security using WEP, support serial interface DTE speeds to 230 kbits/s, include LED driver outputs and programmable inputs/outputs, use AT commands, and include flash memory for firmware upgrading. Developer's kits are available to assist in programming, testing, and evaluation. Contact the company for price and availability information. Check out www.multitech.com.

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