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Wireless Gadgets Make The Holidays Bright

Holiday celebrations are filled with traditions. Here at Wireless Systems Design, we have some traditions of our own. Over the last couple of years, we've added an emphasis on "Wireless Gadgets" to the final issue of the year. This year, we're continuing that tradition by highlighting an array of the newest wireless gadgets in lieu of our traditional news coverage. After all, today's wireless consumer products are newsworthy. Their success or failure drives design and application trends today and into the future.

Whether they aim to entertain, enable communication, or provide information, these wireless products are becoming an essential part of consumers' everyday lives. For the engineers who work on wireless designs, this trend fuels some well-deserved recognition. Now, those engineers can finally talk to their families, friends, and acquaintances about their jobs and know that people are at least somewhat familiar with what they do. Aside from this new comprehension, people are generally impressed. They want to know what products a designer has worked on, what's coming out, and any potential "dirt" about forthcoming products.

As wireless evolves and consumer spending on wireless steadily increases, this recognition will only increase. Engineers also can feel proud for taking part in products that make life easier, make a virtual office out of an airport terminal, provide entertainment, or even save lives. Enjoy the following sampling of some of the hottest wireless gadgets in the market today. Feel free to send any feedback to Nancy Friedrich at [email protected] From all of us at Wireless Systems Design, may you and your families have a happy holiday and a joyous and prosperous new year.

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