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Wireless Module Adds Voice Capability To PDA

The VisorPhone module adds GSM phone and short-messaging functions to Handspring's Visor personal digital assistant (PDA). This device also modifies the PDA's address book, enabling storage of five pages of single-tap dialing capability.

An earpiece on the VisorPhone allows users to hold the Visor to their ear and speak into the PDA's built-in microphone. A jack for the headset lets the user access Visor applications while speaking on the VisorPhone. Caller ID, call waiting, speed dial, call history, voice mail, SMS text messaging, and three-way calling are all included.

Features of the voice module include GSM digital operation for static-free connections and built-in software with easy-access buttons for phone and messaging applications. An LED indicator and an internal vibrating alert come standard. With a built-in jack for hands-free operation, the VisorPhone also can operate as a wireless modem for performance of wireless synchronization. A 680 mA-hr lithium-ion battery powers the device.

VisorPhone functions with all GSM carriers in the U.S. GSM was chosen because of its international presence. To support CDMA, the network used in the U.S. by Sprint PCS and Verizon, the company has licensed its software and plastics to CDMA developer AirPrime.

Scheduled for release by the end of the year, the VisorPhone module will cost about $300.

For more information, visit www.handspring.com.

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