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Wireless Transceiver Offers Flexible Control Outputs

Master Transmitter Model 950, the basic building block of the Series 950 line of wireless controllers, is factory-configured to perform as follows using the automatic mode via PCs: any transceiver can be called by its name and its results sent to the PC; upon receiving via RF or RS-232C an alarm condition (hi, low or panic alarm) from any of the 99 sending units, a command is sent to the unit's TTL/CMOS outputs or open-collector transistor's output lighting up its alarm/test LED. In addition, a test, alarm or panic command can be sent to any, or all, slaves to turn on their open-collector transistors and/or alarm-test LEDs. Frequency is 916.5 MHz (ISM band), range is 100/300 feet (indoor/outdoor), and connections are screw terminal or RJ11. The transceiver has two TTL/CMOS outputs, and the units are available for panel, chassis, wall or DIN-rail mounting. Two open-collector transistors provide 30 vdc/30 mAdc maximum outputs. Power requirements are 5 and 7 to 32 vdc.

Company: OTEK CORP.

Product URL: Click here for more information

TAGS: Components
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