Aegis Software Launches FactoryLogix Suite

February 15, 2013. Aegis Software, a provider of integrated manufacturing solutions, said it will launch its all new FactoryLogix suite at IPC APEX EXPO. The company says FactoryLogix, built from the ground-up as an adaptive, multimarket implementation of MES, is the first software system designed to support all types of discrete manufacturing, from PCB assembly to complex box-builds, large system integrations, and even high-speed consumer goods processing.

FactoryLogix manages the entire manufacturing information environment: including product launch, material logistics, manufacturing execution, and operations analytics. It features real-time dashboard systems and yields product, process, and materials traceability as well as data fulfillment and visibility.

“FactoryLogix is the single, elegant solution to the many challenges we’ve learned our customers face from our 16 years of supporting 1,200 installed sites. It is also ready for the challenges they will likely face in the future,” commented Aegis CEO, Jason Spera.

APEX is scheduled for February 19-21 in San Diego.

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