SEMI commends passage of Manufacturing Innovation Act

September 16, 2014. SEMI praised the bipartisan effort in the United States House of Representatives to pass H.R. 2996, the Revitalize American Manufacturing and Innovation (RAMI) Act. SEMI further urged the Senate to move quickly on the legislation that would create public private partnerships to establish institutes for manufacturing innovation.

The House yesterday passed H.R. 2996, which directs the Secretary of Commerce to support the establishment of institutes dedicated to improving U.S. competitiveness in manufacturing. They are aimed at increasing domestic production and accelerating the development of an advanced manufacturing workforce. Each institute will be a public-private partnership between industry, academia, and other relevant entities. The institutes, which are required to be self-sustaining in seven years, will focus on a specific and unique manufacturing process, technology, or methodology. However, these technologies are not prescribed by the bill. This technology-neutral approach ensures that the best ideas with the most merit receive funding and the government is not seen picking winners and losers, SEMI said.

“We commend the House for bipartisan action on this bill to bolster manufacturing, jobs, and innovation,” said Jonathan Davis, SEMI global vice president of advocacy. “We urge the Senate to quickly take up their version of the bill. The merit-based approach has garnered strong bipartisan approval and has widespread support outside the beltway, with over 125 associations, businesses, and universities expressing support for the bill.”

“We’re thrilled to have such overwhelming bipartisan support for our bill to create high-tech, high-paying manufacturing jobs for Americans,” said bill sponsor and Congressman Tom Reed (R-NY). “These are the kinds of jobs that will give generations to come the opportunity to create and innovate right here at home. I’m so proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish together with key industry groups like SEMI and my colleagues in the House and Senate. Our shared vision sets the stage for an American manufacturing renaissance and will position the United States in the best way possible to be the world leader in advanced manufacturing.”

“This bill is a great example of how both parties can come together to pass legislation that will significantly help American businesses and its people,” said Congressman Mike Honda (D-CA). “RAMI will lead to more domestic manufacturing, innovations in manufacturing that keep America a world leader, and jobs that range from blue collar, to white collar, to the very top of the corporate ladder. Once this bill is enacted, we can compete for a center to focus on important challenges, like the work needed to develop the next generation of semiconductor manufacturing tools that is essential to the future of SEMI members.”

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