AM signals: space weather, lobbyists, diesel tests, PV = nRT

Nov. 9, 2015

The Washington Post commends the White House for developing a strategy to prepare for disastrous space weather and urges Congress and the private sector to pitch in. Unfortunately, “Congress has a record of inconstancy when it comes to funding satellite programs to study Earth and its surroundings,” the paper writes.

Commenters don’t seem too concerned. Writes pjs-1965_v2, “First global warming, and now space weather. What nonsense will they think up next?” Glycine Airman advises, “…stay indoors, buy a good hat with a brim, and otherwise avoid solar disturbances.” He might want to consider backup power and telecommunications in addition to that hat.

In an article titled “Colleges Flex Lobbying Muscle,” The Wall Street Journal looks at who fields the most lobbyists. The pharmaceuticals/health-products industry comes in first with 1,430. The electronics-manufacturing/equipment industry comes in second with 1,090. Higher education takes third place with 1,020. Issues include opposing a rating system for colleges, opposing tightened rules for accreditation, and opposing more accountability in student loan programs.

Regulators in the U.S. and Canada will expand on-the-road emissions tests of diesel cars, according to The New York Times. Already, tests found cheating software on about 10,000 VW, Audi, and Porsche models not previously disclosed by VW, which disputes the claim.

The Hill reports that draft legislation circulated last week would enable government agencies to be paid for giving up spectrum—a potential boon for the wireless industry. The bill is called the MOBILE NOW Act.

A New England Patriots fan has found a nerdy way to support quarterback Tom Brady in the wake of the deflategate scandal. Boston.com shows the fan wearing a jersey with the ideal gas law complementing Brady’s No. 12.

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