Boston Semi Equipment wins order for pressure MEMS test handler

Jan. 12, 2018

Billerica, MA. Boston Semi Equipment (BSE), a global semiconductor test handler manufacturer and provider of test automation technical services, announced today that it has received a multisystem order for its Zeus gravity-feed systems for handling pressure MEMS devices. The order was placed by a leading manufacturer of tire pressure monitoring system sensors, which selected BSE’s Zeus pressure MEMS solution based on its higher throughput capability.

“This order demonstrates how our innovative MEMS solution is being recognized by the market as a superior alternative for its pressure MEMS testing needs,” said Mike Kerrigan, vice president of sales for BSE. “Our solution dramatically improves throughput by achieving our customers’ desired pressure set points faster and more accurately than others, which in turn makes Zeus’ pressure test handler for MEMS devices a winning investment.”

The Zeus system is a tri-temperature handler that can be configured with up to eight test sites. Cold temperature testing is achieved using LN2 or a BSE-designed, two-stage chiller, the MR2. Zeus offers the features and performance needed by today’s test cells at a more affordable price point, the company said.

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