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Exergen Global introduces PEKO thermal dynamic management solution

Jan. 24, 2019
WATERTOWN, MA and ZIJTAART, the Netherlands—Exergen Global has announced the industry’s only noncontact thermal dynamic management solution to combine a proprietary-design cooling mechanism with a unique emissivity control device to provide accurate, repeatable thermal measurement results in industrial settings under extreme conditions, with ambient temperatures as high as 500oC.

Exergen Global’s revolutionary solution codenamed “PEKO”, allows manufacturers to safely speed up industrial processes and position thermal sensors extremely close to measurement targets—both moves that significantly increase ambient temperature—while ensuring processing temperatures remain safely within specifications and emissivity is brought to as close as E=1. 

“Exergen Global is known worldwide for its proprietary Sensoranics™ design approach which combines thermal management, thermal dynamics and engineering expertise. “PEKO” is an outstanding example of how that approach can deliver solutions that simply and cost-effectively tackle the most unusual and complex thermal management challenges for a wide range of industries,” said Bram Stelt,  CEO of Exergen Global. “Ambient heat and emissivity are two of the toughest problems to solve in thermal dynamic management, but by using Sensoranics™, Exergen Global goes far beyond simply offering an IR sensor solution to provide a comprehensive temperature measurement approach!”

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