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January 2020 Featured Tech

Jan. 1, 2020

Frequency dividers with SMA connectorized packages

Fairview Microwave Inc. has a new line of frequency-divider modules that cover broadband frequencies from 0.1 GHz to 20 GHz. An offering of 28 different models features fixed divide-by ratios from 2 to 40. These compact prescalers are suitable for frequency-synthesizer and phase-locked-loop (PLL) circuit designs, as well as test-instrumentation systems. This line of dividers is available in compact and rugged SMA connectorized packages with input power ranging from -20 to +15 dBm and output power ranging from -6 to +5 dBm.

Fairview Microwave

XZ-axis motorized linear positioning stages

Optimal Engineering Systems has added a new series of 15-mm, 30-mm, 50-mm, and 75-mm linear motion positioning stages to its selection of precision motion-control components. Each of these motorized XZ-axis linear positioning stages features 1-micron repeatability and 10-micron positional accuracy. Both the X-axis (horizontal axis) and the Z-axis (vertical axis) have the travel lengths of 15 mm, 30 mm, 50 mm, and 75 mm and longer to meet your application requirements. They are suitable for sampling, assembly, sorting, testing, laser drilling and machining, and positioning in lab and manufacturing environments.


40-W DC/DC converters 

TRACO POWER’s TEN 40E and TEN 40WIE families of 40-W high-density DC/DC converters are optimized to reduce cost and improve performance in the industry standard 2-in. x 1-in. footprint. The TEN 40E has wide 2:1 input ranges of 9-18 / 18-36 / 36-75 VDC versus the TEN 40WIE Series with 4:1 ultra-wide input ranges of 9-36 / 18-75 VDC. Each family offers five single outputs of 3.3 / 5 / 12 / 15 / 24 VDC and three dual outputs of ±12 / ±15 / ±24 VDC.


3U VPX data-converter modules

Pentek Inc.’s newest member of the Jade family of 3U VPX data-converter modules based on the Xilinx Kintex Ultrascale FPGA is the Model 54141A—a dual-channel analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog converter with sample rates up to 6.4 GHz. Programmable DDCs and DUCs support connections to IF or RF signals. The Model 54141A complies with the VITA 65.0 3U VPX specification and also offers flexible analog and digital interface options for the VPX P2 backplane connector to meet system-specific requirements. It also supports the VITA 66.5 optical interconnect standard by providing four optical duplex lanes to a mating spring-loaded backplane connector.

Pentek Inc.

FPGA prototyping system

PRO DESIGN has launched the high-capacity proFPGA quad Stratix 10 GX 10M system, the next generation of its FPGA prototyping solution based on the recently released Intel Stratix 10 GX 10M FPGA. The new system handles complex ASIC and SoC designs up to 2 billion ASIC gates and gives design and verification engineers the necessary speed and flexibility for high-speed verification and bug hunting to shorten the time to market by eliminating costly re-spins and by providing early prototypes for software development and/or to end customers. The quad system offers a capacity of up to 240 million ASIC gates.


Measurement software for audio interfaces

Audio Precision’s APx500 Flex audio analyzer enables the use of APx audio measurement software with ASIO-capable third-party audio interfaces or sound cards. The APx500 Flex audio analyzer is Audio Precision’s APx500 measurement software operating independently of an AP hardware analyzer, with licensing controlled by an APx500 Flex Key. In lieu of a purpose-built analyzer, Flex can be paired with ASIO-capable third-party audio interfaces to create a cost-effective solution for a variety of acoustic and electrical test applications. Measurement scenarios where hardware performance requirements are secondary to test system price are suitable candidates for Flex.

Audio Precision

LAN transformers

Würth Elektronik’s new WE-STST Super Tiny Signal Transformers for LAN interfaces feature a maximum component height of 2.9 mm and can be used in up to 1000Base-T applications. The transformers are manufactured completely by machine, which enables the dimensions to be kept small at 4.7 × 3.22 × 2.9 mm. The 350-µH version is suitable for LAN applications with data rates to 1,000 Mb/s. The 120-µH version provides signal integrity at high frequencies suitable for 10-Gigabit Ethernet applications or for the new Single Pair Ethernet with data rates up to 1,000 Mb/s.

Würth Elektronik

75-GHz BGA socket

This new BGA socket design uses a high-performance elastomer capable of 75-GHz, low-inductance, and wide temperature-range applications. The GT-BGA-2127 socket is designed for 40-mm x 40-mm package size and operates at bandwidths up to 75 GHz with less than 1dB of insertion loss. The socket is designed to dissipate 150 W using a heat sink and an axial flow fan. The contact resistance is typically 30 mΩ per pin. The socket is mounted on the target PCB with no soldering and uses very little real estate, allowing capacitors/resistors to be placed close by.

Ironwood Electronics

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