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July 2020 Featured Tech

June 19, 2020
Featured Tech July 2020

High-Performance Parabolic Antennas

KP Performance Antennas released 2- and 3-foot antennas with Mimosa B11 mounting kit options to its new series of ProLine 11 GHz parabolic antennas. KP’s new high-performance ProLine parabolic antennas are ideal for high-density, point-to-point backhaul applications or client-premises and operate in the 10.7 GHz to 11.7 GHz frequency range. Offered in 2- and 3-foot diameters, they deliver gain performance of 34.4 dBi and 39 dBi respectively. The antennas are engineered to suppress side- and back-lobes, and reject interference, deliver SISO or 2x2 MIMO, with a 155-mph survival wind speed. KP Performance Antennas

LPDDR5 Grypper Test Sockets

Ironwood Electronics GR1032-0001 Grypper socket allows testing of the latest LPDDR5 devices with a 315 Ball and 0.7 x 0.8mm pitch, with speeds up to 6400Mb/s. The LPDDR5 Grypper socket fits to the same location/PCB footprint as the device for development and failure analysis. With a - 1dB insertion loss at up to 40.0 GHz, the force required to insert a device is 45 grams per contact. Available in three configurations, including RoHS-compliant versions. Pricing for the GR1032-001 is $594 at qty 4-10. Ironwood Electronics

Next-Generation RF Signal Generators

Siglent RF signal generators now include the NR-5G Band (FR1) between 3.4 and 3.7 GHz. Siglent’s Model SSG5000X Series RF Signal Generator can source analog and vector signals up to 4 GHz or 6 GHz. The SSG5000X-V Series Generator features internal IQ modulation with an RF Modulation Bandwidth up to 150 MHz, and an arbitrary waveform playback function. The generators’ phase noise is -120 dBc at 1 GHz / 20 kHz offset, with a regulated maximum output level of up to +20 dBm (settable up to +26 dBm), and a minimum output level of -130 dBm (settable down to -140 dBm). Siglent

Profile Rail Linear Guide Stages

Optimal Engineering Systems (OES) added five profile single-axis positioning stages to their AQ150 Series.  Available in travel lengths of 600 mm (23.622 in.), 700 mm (27.559 in.), 800 mm (31.496 in.), 900 mm (35.433 in.), and 1000 mm ( 39.370 in.), with either a two-phase stepper motor or with a three-phase brushless motor with a quadrature incremental optical encoder. Stepper-motor-driven models have a resolution of 2.1 microns. OES

Point-to-Point Wireless I/O Modules

Acromag broadened their Vertu instrumentation family with the VWB2000 signal wire replacement system. Provided in a rugged NEMA 4X/IP68 industrial housing, the point-to-point wireless signal bridge takes analog, discrete, or Modbus signals at one location and reproduces them at a second. The system consists of two pre-paired transmitter/receiver units with a range of 1 mile outside, or 500 feet indoors, which can be extended using wireless repeater units or high-gain directional antennae.  An LCD display provides signal strength and other diagnostic information. Acromag

High Speed Emission Measurements

Gauss Instruments’ TDEMI ULTRA, available in the frequency of DC 40 GHz, can be extended by external mixers up to the Terahertz frequency range. The TDEMI ULTRA can be used for ultrafast EMI measurements,  radio communication, frequency band, and signal testing, as well as measurements for 5G applications. Using the real-time scanning feature, a measurement can be performed, displayed and recorded in the spectrogram mode, over a range of several GHz, in real time. Gauss

Solid-State GaN Power Amplifier

Exodus AMP2041-1 solid-state GaN-based power amplifier operates from 1 to 2.5 GHz, with an output power of over 2.2 KW and a gain of over 63 dB. It has Type N Female RF Input/Sample ports, with a 1 5/8” RF output, with rack-mountable drawers housed in a cabinet for ease of use. The AMP2041-1 is suitable for applications requiring high power and broadband coverage for EW/ECM, as well as general EMC testing in labs, chambers, or applications requiring high field levels. Exodus Advanced Communications

Series of Waveguide Shorts and Shims

Fairview Microwave launched a series of waveguide shorts and shims suitable for use in test and instrumentation, wireless communication, satellite communication and radar applications. The series includes 36 models in waveguide sizes from WR-430 to WR-10. These waveguide shims and shorts are compatible with square and round UG cover and CPR-style flanges, and are available in both copper and aluminum versions. Fairview Microwave

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