Astronics AES introduces new frequency conversion unit for aircraft power systems

EAST AURORA, NY—Astronics Corporation, a provider of advanced technologies for global aerospace, defense, and other mission-critical industries, has announced the availability of the new CorePower Frequency Converter Unit (FCU).

Offered by Astronics AES, a wholly owned subsidiary of Astronics, the new unit converts variable frequency power sources to constant 400Hz power to protect sensitive aircraft electronics from unregulated frequency and power surges.

“We’ve leveraged the advantages of solid-state power conversion to provide a compact solution for modern aircraft power challenges,” stated Kellsey Justus, Vice President of Airborne Power and Control at Astronics AES. “Our specialized design provides better power quality to address specific needs in mission-based environments. At the same time, the significant savings in weight and size, plus the efficiency gains that enable fan-free, quiet operation, make this technology ideal for any aircraft cabin.”

About the CorePower Frequency Converter Unit
The CorePower FCU responds to current trends in aircraft power system, which employ variable frequency (VF) generators instead of fixed frequency 400Hz generators. While the majority of aircraft loads can use VF power, select loads still require 400Hz. The FCU takes variable frequency 3-phase 115VAC input power (324Hz to 800Hz) and converts it to constant frequency 3-phase 115VAC output power (400Hz) for clean, conditioned power.

Key benefits include:

  • Nominal 95% efficiency, eliminating the need for a noisy cooling fan
  • 35% lighter than competing units
  • 20% smaller than competing units
  • Low current distortion of 2%
  • Tight voltage regulation, +/- 3V
  • Built-in test and active health management functionality